We found this memorial while passing through Fort Collins, Colorado. It is located within Spring Canyon Park on the eastern side of Fort Collins, Colorado. While a nice setting it seemed to be lacking a bit of detail. Above is a picture of what seems to be the major part of this veterans memorial. There is a stage available for public usage.




Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins - Entrance Way

Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins – Entrance Way

Set in a beautiful park the use of stonework was really nice.


Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins - Dedication Sign Close-Up

Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins – Dedication Sign Close-Up

This dedication plaque is at one of the entrances to the plaza but can be a bit hard to find.


Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins - On Strong Shoulders Statue

Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins – On Strong Shoulders Statue

This statue is likely the best feature of this memorial.


Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins - Viewing Television

Veterans-Plaza-Fort-Collins – Viewing Television

One of the more interesting features of this plaza were the television monitors located throughout the plaza. Under normal operations it will display the names of veterans. A little hard to see in the picture above (a close up in the gallery) it states that they are working to update their presentation.



A little different type of memorial in that this one relies on video screens rather than more permanent features for veterans names. Disappointing when it is not working or being updated.

For more information go to:


Veterans Plaza of Northern Colorado

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