We couldn’t pass up a chance to visit historic Daytona Beach, Florida while passing nearby. As you can see we visited the Main Street Pier & Boardwalk.



Daytona - Main Street

Daytona – Main Street

Here is the main drag of Daytona Beach. The pier (and ocean) s off to the right.


Daytona - Boardwalk, Hotels, and Beach

Daytona – Boardwalk, Hotels, and Beach

The beach and boardwalk go on for miles. Its no wonder that they used to race cars along this stretch. We visited 5 weeks after a hurricane had come through the area. We saw lots of damage along the Florida coast but not as much at Daytona.


Daytona - Pier, Sand, and Eat at Joe's

Daytona – Pier, Sand, and Eat at Joe’s

The Main Street Pier is a standout feature here. This has got to be one of the largest Joe’s Crabshack around.


Daytona - Main Street Pier

Daytona – Main Street Pier

At the end of the pier are the diehard fishermen and a few tourists.


Daytona - Help Florida's Sea Turtles

Daytona – Help Florida’s Sea Turtles

While we did not see any sea turtles during our visit we did see many signs that encourage care if you do see them.


Daytona - Boardwalk Shops

Daytona – Boardwalk Shops

We are not much on seafood. Fortunately, there was a pizza place to eat. And what would a boardwalk be without a souvenir shop?


Daytona - Racing Plaque History

Daytona – Racing Plaque History

We found these plaques that tell the history of Daytona Beach and racing. These go on for a long way so we only took pictures of a few. You’ll have to go to the beach to see the full set. There are a few more in the gallery.


Daytona - Breakers Oceanfront Park Fountains

Daytona – Breakers Oceanfront Park Fountains

On the north side of the pier is a beautiful park that includes this fountain that the kids are playing in.


Daytona - Beach Goers, Sand, and Water

Daytona – Beach Goers, Sand, and Water

Of course the star of the show is the beach and ocean. It is just a gorgeous white sand beach with a tranquil surf. In fact the sand is so good that we found advertising etched into the sand (see gallery).



We visited in the late fall just after a hurricane had passed through the area only weeks before. That being said, we did not see this area at its best. We also ran into a few “beach bums” hanging around asking for money. I think places like this just attract people like that.

All-in-all the beach was pretty awesome and the fact that we were there in the off-season was nice. I can see why people love Florida in the winter. It was a very pleasant place to visit. There are many things to do here and we only had a few hours. We would like to go back again.

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Daytona Beach & Boardwalk, Florida

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