On our way back from the Black Hills of South Dakota we traveled through Nebraska and Kansas. Anyone who has driven through these states knows that they are filled with relatively flat farmland. It was such a pleasure (and relief) to find something worth a picture. In this case, several pictures. Carhenge was it. Located just north of Aliiance, Nebraska.



Carhenge Nebraska - Park Entrance

Carhenge Nebraska – Park Entrance

It does not standout very much as you find a simple driveway in which to enter and park. No parking fee or entrance fee.


Carhenge Nebraska - Entrance View

Carhenge Nebraska – Entrance View

After driving for hours you have to do a double-take once you see something – anything – that does not look like crops. You may wonder what it is doing here. You would not be alone. Jim Reinders is a local resident who spent several years working in England. Inspired by the original Stonehenge and lacking the stones and equipment to move them Jim decided to use what was available – cars.


Carhenge Nebraska - Carhenge 2

Carhenge Nebraska – Carhenge 2

Within a week during a family reunion they had erected Carhenge. Wheels made the work a bit easier to move the cars around.


Carhenge Nebraska - Nearby Farmland

Carhenge Nebraska – Nearby Farmland

Carhenge is located within a large farming area as you can see.


Carhenge Nebraska - Hillside Artwork

Carhenge Nebraska – Hillside Artwork

It seems that Carhenge has since inspired other artists including friends and family. The land that all of this artwork is on is several acres in size.


Carhenge Nebraska - Who Did What

Carhenge Nebraska – Who Did What

Some of the artists are given create for their work. Others are simply “unknown”.


Carhenge Nebraska - Carhenge from Hill

Carhenge Nebraska – Carhenge from Hill

Here is the view looking back from the hill towards Carhenge and the parking lot. It gives a bit of perspective on the overall size.


Carhenge Nebraska - Spawning Salmon 1

Carhenge Nebraska – Spawning Salmon 1

There are pieces of art throughout the land. This one is done by someone from Canada.


Carhenge Nebraska - Three Bones

Carhenge Nebraska – Three Bones

Much of the art is based upon a car theme.


Carhenge Nebraska - Dinosaur

Carhenge Nebraska – Dinosaur

There always seems to be a dinosaur even in a car-themed park.


Carhenge Nebraska - Pitstop

Carhenge Nebraska – Pitstop

While there are no fees for viewing the artwork there is a convenience store onsite which helps support the site. They also take donations.


While this may not be the most exciting place to go out of your way for, it is the most exciting thing for miles around if you are in Nebraska. Another note is that this place is in the path of the total solar eclipse happening on August 21, 2017. Not a bad combination of human art and astronomy.

For more information check out their website:



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