This Memorial is dedicated to preserving the memory of those lives lost on April 19, 1995 at 9:02 AM. For those that were living at this time will always remember this event. It was the worst terror event in US history prior to 9/11.


The Memorial is presented in three parts. There is a Museum located in the west end of the former Journal Records Building.

Oklahoma City Memorial Entrance to the Museum

Oklahoma City Memorial Entrance to the Museum


There is the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial that occupies the grounds of the federal building that was destroyed. This has a reflecting pool that defines the footprint of the building. There are also two Gates of time on either end of the pool. At one end is 9:01 representing the last time of peace. At the other end is 9:03 representing the time that the healing process started.

Oklahoma City Memorial-W-85

Oklahoma City Memorial Outdoor Reflecting Pool and East Time Gate as Viewed from the West end


Also part of the outdoor display are the 168 chairs that memorialize the 168 lives lost that day. Some were children in daycare.

Oklahoma City Memorial-W-22

Oklahoma City Memorial – 168 Chairs memorializing the lives of those lost


In addition to the Museum and the Outdoor displays, there is the remnant of the first impromptu memorial. To protect the sight after the destruction a chain link fence was erected. The fence became a place for people to add mementos and items to remember those lost by. The fence has been kept as part of the memorial site. To this day – over 20 years afterwards – there are messages and items left on the fence.

Oklahoma City Memorial-W-96

Oklahoma City Memorial Fences outside of the formal site

My wife and I went on a clear but chilly day to visit the site. This made for a calm and peaceful place as we took our pictures. It was hard not to think about the devastation that occurred in 1995 and about the innocent people that lost their lives that terrible day.

We did not go into the Museum as we were traveling through the city and were limited by time. We do plan to go back and visit another day.


For more information please check out the website below.




Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

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