What is Patreon?

Patreon is a community site where members support various ideas with a monthly contribution. Through these monthly contributions members receive extra goodies for their loyalty. It also helps people like us to continue to provide services with consistent income.

Because we want our creativity, our stories, and our website to be self sustaining without plastering network advertising all over each page of our website. We want anyone and everyone to enjoy a fun and immersive experience  — ad-free. Ultimately, and a few years down the road, we want to transition to traveling and creating awesome content full time.

In addition to supporting our endeavors,  as a member you get to see more than others will see. You will get to see some of the “backstage” scenes of our travels, some inside stories, and eventually some video blogs just for our members. I say eventually because we haven’t yet begun to do regular videos.

Those are our goals and to fund them and reach them we hope to create a supportive and involved community. The larger the community, the more content we will be able to provide. While we have seen a lot so far, we have barely begun to explore all of America’s treasures. 

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