Travels in America

We are traveling throughout America during 2016, 2017, and beyond and we want you to come along and experience it with us.

Vacation with Us

We will travel within the 48 states in search of landmarks, museums, points of interest, or whatever you and our members find interesting. Then we publish an article with photos and blog about our experiences.





Membership Benefits

We are planning to convert the website to a membership website in the near future. Once we convert members will be able to interact with us on where we visit and what they are interested in. For now, please enjoy our site and let us know what you think.

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America - Grand and Worth Seeing

We will travel to the most Grand of places through out America….





Small Town America

And the small towns throughout America.





Veteran's and National Memorials

As part of our travels we want to honor our military by documenting any Veteran’s Memorials that we find along the way. We will also be including National Memorials as well.





Upcoming Articles:

Clear Lake, California

Blue Whale, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Train Mountain Chiloquin, Oregon

Rocky Mountains, Colorado


Washington DC Trip

Washington D.C. Trip Planned for Summer 2016

Oklahoma City National Monument & Museum

This Memorial is dedicated to preserving the memory of those lives lost on April 19, 1995 at 9:02 AM. For those that were living at this time will always remember this event. It was the worst terror event in US history prior to 9/11.   The Memorial is presented... read more


The following description is from our Kickstarter Project. We are trying to raise money to fund a year-long trip throughout America searching for interesting places – both grand and small to continuously fill our site. After checking out our website, please go... read more

Standin’ on the Corner in…

OK, anyone who knows the Eagles rock group knows this lyric from their hit “Take it Easy”. Well, we stayed the night in Winslow, Arizona on our move to Texas. Of course, we had to visit the Standin’ on the Corner Park which has a corner devoted to... read more

Blue Angels – Fort Worth, Texas

I got wind of this air show only a few days before it was to happen. I did a little research by going to the website but in hindsight I could have done more. I found out where it was and how to get there since I was not real familiar with the area. The entrance to the... read more

Celina Balloon Festival

Celina is a very small town about 50 miles north of downtown Dallas, Texas. My wife found this online through Groupon and since she missed both the Plano and Albuquerque balloon events we decided to go to this one so she could experience at least one ballooning event.... read more

Painted Desert / Petrified Forest Arizona

This was on our way during our move to Dallas, Texas in early 2015. We visited during the morning hours so some of the shadows are a bit long. The Visitor Center is right off of I-40 in Arizona near the New Mexico border in Eastern Arizona. The Painted Desert Park is... read more

Golden Gate Bridge

I grew up living in the San Francisco Bay Area but I rarely traveled up to the city itself. This was mostly because of a bad driving experience in my teens. I found it unnerving to maneuver through the tightly packed streets with practically nowhere to easily park. So... read more

Roaring Camp Railroad – Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk

We love trains. I think part of it is from my Dad. Another part is that they are fun. Before we left California we ventured down to the coast and hopped onto the Roaring Camp Railroad. This trip was taken in April of 2014. This is the entrance to Roaring Camp. Not... read more

Texas State Fair

I must admit that I love fairs and the bigger the better. I grew up working at our county fair when I was a kid. I also entered my projects into the fair. I have been a big fan for most of my life. As such, I have been to several state fairs and many county fairs. I... read more
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Click on a map pin, below, to see where we have been so far…

Dallas, Texas

San Jose, CA

Texas Welcome Center and WWII Memorial

Golden Gate Bridge

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Biloxi, MS

Four Corners Monument

Klamath Falls, OR

Las Vegas, NV

Grand Canyon, AZ

Big Texan Steak Ranch

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Wichita, Kansas

Dodge City, Kansas

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Shreveport, Louisiana

Santa Cruz , California

Painted Desert / Petrified Forest National Park

Durango, Colorado

Wolf Creek Pass

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rogers, Arkansas

Fantastic Caverns, Missouri

Fort Smith, Arkansas

Branson, Missouri

Clear Lake, California

Pueblo, Colorado

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